Porn Stars Who Became Politicians

Not all porn stars actually continue their careers till the very end. To be honest, most of them just earn enough money to quit and start a business in a different industry, or just put money to the bank and never ever worry about it anymore. Some of them try to become politicians after they quit the adult industry. And these are mostly women! And some of them succeed!

Change of Career

These women decided to influence the world as politicians after they made it better by making porn movies:

  • Melody Damayo – this Filipina girl came to the US as a child with her family. She tried to contest in 2006 Nevada Gubernatorial Elections. After her fail she returned to making sex videos, but she still tried!
  • Stormy Daniels – this hot blonde contested in 2010 Senate election from Lousiana. However, she herself dismissed her campaign, because, as she stated, the media did not take her seriously.
  • Milly D’Abbraccio – she wanted to get the Rome’s city council in 2008 but failed.
  • Mary Carey – she wanted to become the Governor of California in 2003 and offered a bunch of innovations like taxation of breast enlargement.
  • Moana Pozzi – was one of the founders of the “Love Party” that promoted legalized brothels and sex education.
  • Marilyn Chambers – this girl contested for the place of Vice President of the US and promoted personal choice in everything considering the body, like abortions and sex activities.
  • Diana Peng – erotic star from Hong-Kong has never done adult videos, but still, her career is somewhat connected to the sex videos industry, and she later joined political activities. In 2003, Diana entered Gansu Province legislative body of the Chinese Communist Party, and actually, she is one of the most successful politicians among porn stars today.
  • Nora Baumberger – this hot Czech milf wanted to become part of the European Parliament in 2004.
  • Nikki Benz – this actress was employed by the Brazzers studio, so this allows to suggest she was pretty popular and successful. Nikki wanted to become a mayor of Toronto but failed to provide a driver’s license.
  • Sammie Spades – this blonde interned for Hillary Clinton in the year 2006, however, due to financial issues she had to continue filming sex videos. maybe someday she will back in politics.
  • Ilona Staller – Hungarian porn star became a member of Italian Parliament in 1987. In 2002, she contested for a seat in Hungarian Parliament but failed.

Maybe this is shocking for some, yet porn career is not a barrier for further activities!