PornHub Shop – From Sex Toys to VR Glasses and More

PornHub is one of the most popular, well-known, and visited adult content websites and czech vr porn in the world. This is a reputable and trustworthy site that many users enjoy on a regular basis. However, it does not offer only sex videos. There is actually an official shop that anybody can visit and buy some cool stuff there. Check out our review of the PornHub online store! Maybe you will find something to your liking there as well.

What’s To Buy?

The shop offers a lot of cool stuff. First of all, here are the categories you can browse through:

  • Men’s – you can buy here T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, tank tops, socks, long sleeve shirts, everything in style colors and with logos of the company.
  • Women’s – cool stylish tank tops, crop tops, tail tank tops, socks, shorts, sports bras, leggings, bodysuits, T-shirts,
  • Accessories – this category features mugs with cartoons and logos, phone cases, backpacks, duffel bags, tote bags, also socks, pillows, and even travel mugs. You can also purchase posters, lubricants, and absolutely amazing beach towels from the company.
  • Collections – this one features specific collections. They are not available all the time, for example, the Christmas sweaters collection is already sold out. However, there is a cool subcategory “PornHub Nation”, that offers killing caps, logo pins with captions, patches, and other stuff. They also sell fall/winter collections containing sweatshirts, knit toques, sweaters, and warm socks.

Richardson X Pornhub Capsule Collection – this is one of the best collections on the website, so it is necessary to discuss it separately. You can find here a bomber with logo, logo slides, T-shirt with signatures of porn actors. Also, there are rich pink long sleeve sweaters and hoodies. You can purchase a pink cap and a bag to fit.

Another amazing item is playing cards from the company, of course featuring photos of the famous porn actresses. A perfect present for the best friend.

There are also other small things you can find in different categories. Our own favorite is beach towels that have the image of the player on them like you will be watching a sex video next second. But you should probably go and check out yourself, perhaps you will find something to your liking.

These things are probably very popular because many of the items are sold out, so fans are buying. if you think of options to choose a present for your best friend, you can consider this online shop as well. Collections are really fun, while the quality of all items and clothes is really decent. Just make sure the person will appreciate your witty approach to the present.

The Top 10 of the Women’s Sex Fantasies

Women are known for being romantic and passionate. Mostly, they are not boasting of their erotic dreams which can be revealed only in the circle of close friends.

The Most Spread Erotic Dreams of Women

  1.      Sex in an unusual place: depending on the courage and temper of a woman, the dream sites differ from a back seat of a car to toilets on aircraft, fitting room in a shop or even in a public place.
  2.      Erotic games: it is one of the most spread fantasies among women; they would love to play the role of a hostage and terrorist, patient and doctor, teacher and pupil, etc.
  3.      Resort affair: quite often, women dream of having sex with a tanned and muscular man she has just met in a bar near the seaside.
  4.      An affair with a colleague: about 30% of females admit having sexual dreams about their colleagues or bosses. They won’t refuse from intimacy on the table in the director’ office.
  5.      Sex with a friend’s partner: women are not less thirsty for forbidden fruit. Sometimes, this desire may end up with a threesome which is the next of the most popular fantasies.
  6.      Threesome: many women dream of the threesome with two men or even a married couple, depending if she is bisexual or not.
  7.      The role of a bad girl: mostly, this is a dream of a flawless and well-behaved wife. Being so good in real life, they desire to release their internal bad girl playing the role of a villain or even a whore.
  8.      Submission: it is the next step of the previous fantasy. Women would gladly fulfill all the intimate wishes of her partner. The filthier the wish is, the more satisfaction a woman will get.
  9.      Domination: the fantasy opposite to the preceding one. In this case, a girl would love that all of her intimate desires are realized by her partner. In the latter two cases, cuffs, lash, and rope may become valuable accessories.
  10.  Exotic sex: the men of other nationalities are frequently the objects of lust and desire.

All the above are just a part of the most popular dreams among females. However, it does not mean that they do not fantasize of swinging or group sex. If a man wants to surprise his beloved with something new in sex, it is possible to start with the role games which will unveil the most secret desires.

The Secrets of Makeup in the Porn Industry

The actresses of porn movies have a piercing glance, alluring lips, and perfect skin. They have to be women of dreams and fantasies for spectators, no matter male or female. In the process of shooting, women have to act for several or even ten hours. They are working hard, hence, they are sweating. It means that makeup has to be really resistant in order to withstand all the actions which are made by porn actresses.

The Main Features of the Porn Actresses’ Makeup

  1. The very first step is cleaning skin and spraying thermal or pink water. This water soothes dermal irritations which may turn red in the active process of porn shooting.
  2. Eyeshadows on the basis of cream or gel are water resistant, besides, they do not strike and keep their color for a long time.
  3. Instead of mascara, porn actresses use whiskers. The false eyelashes will not chalk or get smeared.
  4. Makeup artists do not use lipsticks for porn actresses. Statistically, male spectators prefer natural looks of lips. For this reason, they make a contour with a lip liner. After, the lips are covered with this liner on which a gloss is applied. Glossy lips look really sexy. Red or dark lips are avoided, except for the films of a special genre or style. Lip gloss, however, shall not be sticky. Only light glosses are used.
  5. The fans of porn have noticed that the skin of actresses is always tanned. To achieve it, they mix their moisturizing cream with an autobronzant and apply on skin.
  6. When all the makeup is finished, a special fixing agent is used. It helps to keep makeup in an order requiring less interference of makeup artists in the process of shooting.
  7. Anti-bruise makeup is as important as a tanning cream. Taking into account that the action in porn films may sometimes get really hard, actresses have to cover the bruises or scratches which may appear on their skin.
  8. To keep hair clean and fresh through the many-hours process of porn filming, actresses apply a powder shampoo. Hair is one of the specifics for which audience loves certain actresses. Despite the mess which can be caused due to sex in a film, hair shall be clean.

Makeup is made not only for actresses. Porn actors need it as well. Makeup artists use moisturizing cream with an autobronzant as well as various contouring cosmetics applying them not only on the face but also on all the body.

However, it is impossible to only once apply a makeup. Acting, actresses sweat and get wet, thus, even the most water-resistant makeup can be distorted. In the process of shooting, during short pauses, assistants try to eliminate extra liquids on the body of actors. In such a way, makeup may be kept throughout the process of filming a porn movie.

Besides, taking into account that cameras are now capable to catch even the slightest defect, makeup shall be properly and professionally applied. Thus, the requirements for the quality of cosmetics used for porn actresses and actors are extremely high as it has to cover all the defects.

In the porn industry, makeup is a very important part of the character of an actress or actor as makeup is the only thing they “wear” during shooting. Hence, such particular attention is paid to it.

Porn Stars Who Became Politicians

Not all porn stars actually continue their careers till the very end. To be honest, most of them just earn enough money to quit and start a business in a different industry, or just put money to the bank and never ever worry about it anymore. Some of them try to become politicians after they quit the adult industry. And these are mostly women! And some of them succeed!

Change of Career

These women decided to influence the world as politicians after they made it better by making porn movies:

  • Melody Damayo – this Filipina girl came to the US as a child with her family. She tried to contest in 2006 Nevada Gubernatorial Elections. After her fail she returned to making sex videos, but she still tried!
  • Stormy Daniels – this hot blonde contested in 2010 Senate election from Lousiana. However, she herself dismissed her campaign, because, as she stated, the media did not take her seriously.
  • Milly D’Abbraccio – she wanted to get the Rome’s city council in 2008 but failed.
  • Mary Carey – she wanted to become the Governor of California in 2003 and offered a bunch of innovations like taxation of breast enlargement.
  • Moana Pozzi – was one of the founders of the “Love Party” that promoted legalized brothels and sex education.
  • Marilyn Chambers – this girl contested for the place of Vice President of the US and promoted personal choice in everything considering the body, like abortions and sex activities.
  • Diana Peng – erotic star from Hong-Kong has never done adult videos, but still, her career is somewhat connected to the sex videos industry, and she later joined political activities. In 2003, Diana entered Gansu Province legislative body of the Chinese Communist Party, and actually, she is one of the most successful politicians among porn stars today.
  • Nora Baumberger – this hot Czech milf wanted to become part of the European Parliament in 2004.
  • Nikki Benz – this actress was employed by the Brazzers studio, so this allows to suggest she was pretty popular and successful. Nikki wanted to become a mayor of Toronto but failed to provide a driver’s license.
  • Sammie Spades – this blonde interned for Hillary Clinton in the year 2006, however, due to financial issues she had to continue filming sex videos. maybe someday she will back in politics.
  • Ilona Staller – Hungarian porn star became a member of Italian Parliament in 1987. In 2002, she contested for a seat in Hungarian Parliament but failed.

Maybe this is shocking for some, yet porn career is not a barrier for further activities!

The Coordinator of Intimate Scenes in Porn

Watching porn is one of the most efficient ways to release stress and have some rest after a long and tiring working day. No surprise that PornHub was visited about 92 million times every single day in 2018. Such popular resources as YouTube or Facebook cannot still reach such rates.

        Yes, the final result itself is a movie which turns on a viewer with its scenes, attractiveness, and sexuality of actors as well as with the actions they do. Sometimes, it is considered that porn movies are filmed in the same way as amateur videos are. Though, to get one scene with a duration of 40 minutes, it is necessary to spend 10 hours on the production set.

Five Facts about Shooting Porn Films

  1.      In the process of filming, up to 30 people may be involved on one shooting set. The number directly depends on the budget of a film.
  2.      The actors, in particular actresses, are thoroughly prepared 2-3 hours before shooting. For instance, if there is an oral scene planned, an actress can be stretched in leg split. Actors are massaged in order to prepare their bodies for a many-hours load.
  3.      Orgasms and erection: for an actress, there is nothing hard to express having a wild orgasm. While it is not so easy for a man to keep aroused for 10 hours. In such cases, there is a special woman on site who is capable of doing a fantastic blowjob so that erection is back. If it doesn’t help, they use various medications.
  4.      Stand-ins are not only for Hollywood. Porn actors who are in great demand can afford to have stand-in actors who are filmed in close-ups.
  5.      Complicated scenes: the majority of scenes are complicated in the process of filming. 10 minutes of one porn video require 3-4 hours of shooting during which actors remain in the same positions and do the same actions.

Thus, shooting porn films is not an easy and satisfying process. For actors, it is a hard job with permanent load and preparations. For an actor, there is no chance for a real orgasm. The director is a master on the shooting location, and everyone is supposed to follow his instructions.

To make sure that everything will be executed as the film director has planned, a coordinator is a key intermediary between the latter and actors. The coordinator is advising and instructing actors before the shooting process. Moreover, while filming, a director may want to change the scene or plot, thus, certain new moves and actions may be required from actors. To make sure that everyone is in his or her place doing what is required is the main responsibility of such an advisor.

Creating such popular and demanded content requires the involvement of many people who have to work under load for many hours. Due to a professional approach and proper coordination in shooting porn films, the final result is satisfying the audience and exciting the fantasies and erotic dreams.